I didn't realise that so many people out there have bridged out their clutch switches on their Suzuki's so they don't have to pull it in to start the bike. You shouldn't do it. Tracing the wiring diagram, the clutch switch not only enables the starter relay, but it sends a signal to the ECU as well. Should explain the starting change So if you don't want to run the neutral ignition mapping, don't bridge out the clutch switch unless you do the mod.

Suzuki GSX-R 600 2001-2003 Service Manual

Here is a short video in windows media format Right click "Save as" kb. To prove the point, I fooled the ECU that the bike was in 6th gear using a static TRE, I wound the idle up to approximately rpm, then pulled and released the clutch.

There is a definite map change depending on the clutch position. I also did it with the bike temperature under 80C as this is when the effect is the greatest. Maybe I'm wrong, but the ECU definitely does something with the clutch switch signal. Bridge it out if you want, but the ECU is fooled into thinking that the clutch is permanently pulled. There is some reason for the ECU receiving a signal from the clutch switch and it definitely does something with it.

Keep reading, the ECU uses the signal for starting as well. If you do this modification, don't blame me if you drop the bike when you try and start it in gear.

I've only put this information up as I think it is a better fix than to just bridge out your clutch switch. Juat leave the clutch switch alone - or do the following mods to keep things working as designed.

Although I think if it's too much trouble to pull the clutch switch to start the engine, it'll be too much trouble to do the following recommended modifications. More than 13 years since the TL was released we're still discovering some simple basic starting tricks Suzuki used on its EFI bikes. This doesn't just apply to the TL, but is the same for other fuel injected Suzuki's, i.

The ECU knows the starter is depressed. The starter solenoid coil doesn't energise until the other side of its coil has a ground connection. This is done via the clutch switch - or if the clutch switch is bridged the ground connection is permanent. Activating the clutch switch doesn't just ground the starter solenoid coil, it applies a ground signal to the ECU CLT input as mentioned above. It also expects to 'see' crank and cam sensor pulses, if it doesn't it will throw the code for the missing sensor.

Who knows what else the ECU does to the timing and injectors when it knows the engine is being started? Something for the ECU hackers to discover. If the clutch switch input is disconnected from the ECU, it doesn't know you're trying to start the engine and if there is a faulty crank sensor, the ECU can't tell you as it doesn't know it should be expecting it.

The cam position sensor may or may not wake the ECU up into realising the crank signal is missing. The ECU will turn the fuel pump on when it detects the crank sensor pulse - but the men in white coats though it was best to start the pump as soon as you try and start the engine, not when it is already turning over.

End of story. Here is a solution as designed and drawn up by D'Ecosse who is an active member on several forums. Ken's also done some great write ups for the frequent mods forum on TLZone. Using a relay to simulate the same input to the ECU when starting allows for starting without pulling the clutch switch and the ECU can do what it's supposed to do when starting.

I've pulled all this info from Ken's thread here on TLZone.The immobilizer verifies that the key id agrees with ecm id by means of radio communication through the immobilizer antenna. When the id agreement is verified, the system makes the engine ready to start. When the ignition switch is turned on with the engine stop switch in on, the immobi-antenna and ecm are powered on.

The ecm transmits a signal to the transponder through the immobi-antenna in order to make comparison between the key id and ecm id. With the signal received, the transponder transmits the key id signal to ecm so that ecm can make comparison with its own id, and if it matches, the engine is made ready to start. Also, when the ignition switch is turned on, the indicator light flashes as many as the number of ids registered in ecm.

Thereafter, if the ids are in agreement, the indicator light turns on for two seconds to notify of completion in successful communication. If the indicator light led flashes fast, it notifies of communication error or disagreement of id.

In this case, the indicator light operation starts immediately after the starter operation. Accessory installation guideline Install aerodynamic affecting accessories, such as a fairing, windshield, backrests, saddlebags, and travel trunks, as low as possible, as close to the motorcycle and as near the center of gravity as is feasible.

Check that the mounting brackets and other attachment hardware are Check the water hoses for crack, damage or engine coolant leakage. If any defect is found, replace the water hose wi Specifications Service data Suspension unit: mm in Tightening torque specifications Note the specified tightening torque is described in the following.

gsxr 600 ignition bypass

Manuals New Top Sitemap Search. General description Operation Drive mode is preset at a-mode w Other materials: Accessory installation guideline Install aerodynamic affecting accessories, such as a fairing, windshield, backrests, saddlebags, and travel trunks, as low as possible, as close to the motorcycle and as near the center of gravity as is feasible.

Immobilizer antenna Indicator light Transponder Id. Immobilizer antenna Transponder Ignition switch Ecm. Note if the indicator light flashes fast, turn the ignition switch off then on to make judgment again as there is possible misjudgment due to environmental radio interference. Caution when the battery performance is lowered in winter low temperaturethe system may at times makes a re-judgment at the time of beginning the starter motor operation.Log in or Sign up.

N2 Forum. Ignition kits have been tested for the yrs I have listed. Complete plug and play. Keyless ignition for gsxrAll skrink wrapped and cut to correct length. Paypal accepted,Please pm for payment. Thanks for loooking. HaVoCDec 19, All Pm's Returned. HaVoCDec 22, New Yr bump HaVoCJan 1, Pm'd Back. HaVoCJan 2, Have you verified this works with the GSXR ? I just did this to mine GSXR and it would not start if it was wired as pictured.

HaVoCJan 3, So I know nothing about wiring up a keyless ignition. Is there a plug connected to the ignition and you just unplug one end and swap it with this switch? Any other modification to the bike required? PatFitz9Jan 3, Pretty slick. Does the ignition need to be removed? Can you just bypass it but leave it looking stock?

Then why buy the switch?A capacitor discharge ignition box CDI box is used in motorcycles, turbine-powered aircraft, outboard motors, and some cars. You can temporarily bypass a CDI box for troubleshooting purposes. The box amplifies the small signal generated from the spinning magnet located in front of the pickup coil in the stator, just before top dead center TDCwhen your fuel-air mixture is ignited.

The box can't generate continuous sparks. Thus, it's unable to store enough voltage to keep the engine running. Follow the following directions to effectively bypass your CDI box by carrying out an ignition coil resistance test "bench test". Clear Your Bench. Because it's able to ignite the air and fuel mixture powering your engine, you need to ensure your bench is free of any flammable liquids like gasoline.

You need to test the battery to ensure that it's fully charged else you'll need to replace it. Remove the CDI Box. The box is black and features two plugs and a bullet connector.

After locating it, you'll need to remove it to access its electrical terminals easily. Your service manual comes in handy at this point as you're supposed to follow precise instructions to remove the CDI box.

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The automotive should be switched off and allowed to cool. Use an ohmmeter to measure the electrical resistance of the CDI box in a quantifiable way. Check the Resistance Specifications. Different vehicles have specified electrical resistance within the coil. If the coil's correct resistance levels fail to meet these specifications, you'll know that your coil is damaged. The resistance specifications unique to your vehicle are often found in the service manual. After grounding the wire originating from the stator to the motor, ensure that the main wires from the CDI box are disconnected.

Measure the Primary Coil Resistance. The distributor features three electrical contacts that can either be external or internal.

gsxr 600 ignition bypass

Using your ohmmeter, touch the outer electrical contacts and record the resistance reading. This is referred to as the coil's primary winding resistance. Measure the Secondary Coil Resistance. Touch one of the outer contact leads and central, inner contact of the ignition coil. This is where the main wire connects to the distributor. Record the reading. This is termed as the secondary winding resistance of the ignition coil.

Compare the Readings. The ignition coils in the CDI box are delicate components of an automotive electronic ignition system. If either the primary and secondary windings are different from the automotive specifications, you'll want to replace your CDI box, as your current one might be damaged or malfunctioning.

where is the regulator recitifier at on my 2002 suzuki gsxr 600?

An engine spark characterizes a faulty CDI box, whereas a well-functioning box doesn't allow the engine to spark. Merits of a CDI Box. The main advantage of a CDI box is its capacitor's ability to take the shortest time possible to be charged up. Shunt resistance doesn't affect the CDI box due to fast electric voltage rising. Compared to inductive systems, the CDI box system has a shorter transient response and spark duration. Drawbacks of a CDI Box. The CDI system produces huge electromagnetic noises that don't sit well with automobile manufacturers.

Its short spark duration isn't ideal for lighting relatively lean mixtures.Discussion in ' Tech ' started by wjshupakMar 8, Log in or Sign up. I did the job on '04 GSX-R yesterday, and here is inside the ignition : We can clearly see that ohms resistor. If you have question just PM or email me, or I'll probably retype later a full procedure for Have fun! Zach steelman likes this. With the resistor in place, the ECU sees a lower voltage and will turn the fuel pump on. I have pm People left and Right as off last Week and no response.

Wiring is different from these instructions. I have the resistors along with the Wiring cut up ready to go. Can anyone Help????? I have an Event this Weekend end i would like to attend! MarsOct 6, OK so I did the by pass and it worked fine till yesterday!!!!!!!! I switched to a new battery and turned on the machine and no fuel pump or butterfly valves, DANG!

Suzuki GSX-R 600 2001-2003 Service Manual

So below is my steps I did I switched back to the old battery and still no fuel pump Check the by pass wiring see photo Turned it on and switched the gears to make sure it was not in gear verified the kickstand was up Checked the fuel pump fuse Checked the main fuse at the positive battery lead Made sure that the tipover senor was mounted upright If it helps at all I have a Bazazz, lightweight battery and this bypass for the key are the only electrical items done to the stock machine.

Thanks Rich. RichMangusFeb 13, RichMangusFeb 19, Do you have any photos of what you did? Thanks for the write up. U can buy one of these. Take your oem ign off and install it. HavocDec 23, Daniel06Dec 23, I would also wire all the leads and not just the three in all the diagrams. I know my 07 would not start without all 5 wires connected. So the constant 12V wire red does not have the resistor soldered to it? The orange wire is switched 12v.

After a couple days my battery was dead. I changed it to the orange wire from red, battery stays charged.My buddy has a ninja and I have a ninja his little brother got ahold of the keys and broke his key off my ignition tried to get the key out wouldn't come so I decided to try and hot wire it dumb idea I know that you need a ohm resistor somewhere in the ignition system but I can't figure out how to I get the bike to turn over without the resistor but won't crank how do you wire the resistor into the ignition system.

Any help is needed thanks.

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Originally Posted by JarodVoss. Was going to start a thread on this as there is 20 threads that didn't quite conclude as to the ohm bridging 2 wires. My race bike has a loose ignition I think the shear bolts are butchered or loose.

What are the racers using for a switch n the US? Name: J. Emmett Turner. I've seen Chinese replicas of the ignition cylinders and gas caps with new keys different key design so hang on to the old one for the other locks.

I bought the replica gas cap. It mounts under the triple the same way but the triple doesn't surround it on the F-series. Example: "Installed F -sprocket on a J -bike" Works with other models too! Originally Posted by Aufitt. Reason: adding PS information. Originally Posted by HotRedTurbo.

How to steal a GSX-R

I wired my racebike to use a switch. The information is in the service manual electrical wiring diagram. Well, except the ohm resistor part. The resistor is in the ignition from the igniter side gray I believe.

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When turning on the ignition switch, it is positioned in series with a 12V source 2 White wires. You also need the regulator wire seeing a 12V source when on. If you want to do this mod, I would recommend getting a switch with an LED, just to make sure you have 12V when turned on.

I did just incase something goes wrong at the track it'll help me troubleshoot faster ie: bike is not turning on and LED is not turning on means there's no voltage. I'm working now but I'll try to go home and take pix during lunch, which is very soon. PS: When in doubt, ohm it out. Cut all wires to ignition switch and start ohming out every combination of paired wires possible with position ON of course. You'll find which 2 wires it is that way.

Originally Posted by garth So I'm having to replace the ignition switch on my bike. I know I have to drill the security bolts out and if I buy an aftermarket switch I need to wire in a ohm resistor. Which wire do I install it on with the new switch, or does someone know of an aftermarket switch that doesn't need a resistor.RevZilla will match any advertised price on new merchandise available through another authorized U. Our goal is to provide the best possible shopping experience to every enthusiast who visits RevZilla.

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gsxr 600 ignition bypass

Lose weight while gaining both dash space and piece of mind. After all, it is much more fun to turn wheels then it is to turn keys. Read More. Looking for a different bike? Change bike selection. This item is currently out of stock. Sign-up to be notified when it's available.

This is a new product that isn't. Pre-orders will be filled first.

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Removing your stock ignition will also free up valuable space for steering dampers and lap timers. It installs in seconds and requires no modifications to your stock harness - no need to cut any wires!

This means easy re-installation of stock components down the road. Your key is now one less thing to forget. Note: For racing use only. This part will only fit motorcycles that were sold in the US. Navigation Menu. Wish List.

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